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How To Invest In Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Fund

Pag-IBIG offers more than just housing loans. It's Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Fund  is another tax-free, voluntary savings program offered by the Philippine-government to every existing Pag-IBIG I (P1) member. MP2 is different from P1 and Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP).  It's term is renewable every 5 years and it provides higher return of investment (ROI) than savings and time deposit accounts in banks. This conservative investment is a good addition to your portfolio if you are looking for more ways to make your money work for you. You've gotta beat inflation.

SSS Pension is not enough to cover your cost of living during your senior years. Take that lesson from your SSS pensioner elders. You wouldn't want to burden your descendants for your senior care needs, right? It would be helpful to include P1 and MP2 funds in your retirement fund plan. Your P1 and MP2 contributions can also be added to your income tax deductions. Now that's a reduction to your tax burden. Another reason to like investing in this fund.

How to Invest in Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Fund:

1. You must be an active Pag-IBIG I (P1) member first.

2. You must contribute at least Php 100 per month to your P1 fund.

3. Bring along your HDMF Transaction Card (this is your Pag-IBIG ID) to the local Pag-IBIG branch. For those who don't have an HDMF Transaction Card yet, you can give them your complete name and Pag-IBIG MID number during application for MP2.

4. Fill up the MP2 registration form. You can also apply online through Pag-IBIG's E-services. Let's discuss that later.

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5. You will deposit at least Php 500 for your MP2 monthly contribution on top of your regular P1 monthly membership fee.

6. You will submit separate payment forms for your P1 and MP2 contribution to the cashier. The cashier will issue separate official receipts for your P1 and MP2 contributions.

How to Apply For MP2 Online Through Pag-IBIG's E-services:

2. Click "E-Services"

3. Click "MP2 Enrollment System" link

4. Type in your Pag-IBIG MID number, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, and the CAPTCHA code displayed on screen. Then click on the "Submit" button.

5. Type in the required in formation in the form online and the CAPTCHA code displayed on screen. Then click "Submit My Application"

6. Pag-IBIG will send further instructions to the email address you submitted in the form.

7. In the email they sent you, select "Click here" to print the document.

When your Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Fund Matures:

You are entitled to receive your Total Accumulated Value (TAV) at the end of the 5 years term. TAV is the sum total of all your contributions and dividends earned.

If you want to renew your contract for another five years, you will need to inform Pag-IBIG since MP2 does not automatically renew upon maturity. Renewal of contract is necessary to be eligible for the MP2 dividend rate which is always higher than the regular Pag-IBIG I (P1) savings.

Failure to notify Pag-IBIG will result in earning a lower dividend rate for your fund. It will be downgraded to the dividend rate assigned for P1. It will also stop earning dividends after 2 years if not renewed.

Benefits of Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Fund:

1. Low barrier of entry.

All you need is your HDMF Transaction Card (your Pag-IBIG ID) to apply. No additional documents are required. If you still don't have an HDMF Transaction Card, giving them your complete name and Pag-IBIG MID number will do.

You can open an account for as low as Php 500 initial deposit.You can increase your monthly contribution anytime. You are allowed to deposit as much as you want every month without following the deposit scheme of 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 pesos.

2. Annual dividend has higher interest rate than the banks' savings and time deposit accounts.

The Pag-IBIG board declares annual dividend interest rate depending on the fund's previous year earnings.

Below is a table of Peso Savings Account and Peso Time Deposit interest rates from various banks in the Philippines:

Bank Name

Peso Savings Account Annual Interest Rate

Peso Time Deposit Account Annual Interest Rate

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)


0.500 - 1.125

Banco De Oro (BDO)


0.500 - 1.125



0.250 - 1.125

Philippine National Bank (PNB)


up to 1.125



0.625 - 1.625

Security Bank


0.350 - 1.800

China Bank


0.575 - 1.200



0.250 - 1.250



0.250 - 1.750

3. Flexible dividend rates but always higher than dividend rate for Pag-IBIG I (P1) contributions.

Dividend rate is higher than the regular Pag-IBIG savings (P1) .The Pag-IBIG board decides annual dividend rate based on Pag-IBIG's total earnings from the previous year.

Here is a sample computation if dividend rate is 6%:

Monthly Contributions (Php)

5 Years (Php)











*May vary every year

Modified Pag-ibig II MP2 fund, MP2, passive investment, conservative investment, low risk investment, investment, pag-ibig, investing, financial independence, asset allocation, wealth allocation, balance portfolio, retirement fund, Philippines

Below is another computation using 5.26% as the average dividend rate for 2010 - 2016. It is shared by a Pag-IBIG Ortigas Branch employee, Mariza Loteria. Image shows that the 2016 dividend rate is at 7.43%.

Modified Pag-ibig II MP2 fund, MP2, passive investment, conservative investment, low risk investment, investment, pag-ibig, investing, financial independence, asset allocation, wealth allocation, balance portfolio, retirement fund, Philippines

Sample Computation shared by Mariza Loteria

4. Tax-free

Total accumulated value (TAV) will not be charged with 20% withholding tax unlike the savings and time deposit accounts in banks. RA 9679 or the  “Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009, otherwise known as Pag-IBIG (Pagtutulungan sa kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya at Gobyerno) Fund”  stated in its Rule IX, Section 12:

Section 12. Pag-IBIG Contributions are Excluded from the Computation of the Gross Income. Pursuant to Section 32 (B) (7) (f) of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended, Pag-IBIG Contributions are excluded from the computation of the gross income and shall be exempt from taxation.


5. TAV won't be forfeited if you miss a monthly deposit unlike in preneed plans, VULS, and insurances.

You will not be penalized if you stop depositing payments to your MP2. You can claim still your total accumulated value (TAV) even if there are gaps in your contribution.

6. Low risk conservative investment

What You Can't Do With It:

1. You can't cash out your total accumulated value (TAV) anytime.

You can only withdraw it when your fund matures (at the end of 5 years), or if you meet the following condition/s:

a. total disability or insanity

b. separation from service by reason of health

c. death

2. You can't use MP2 to avail loans at Pag-IBIG.

The MP2 program is solely a savings scheme for Pag-IBIG I members. You will have to use your active P1 membership to be eligible for Pag-IBIG fund's lending programs.


Start preparing now for your retirement fund so that you will not be a financial burden to your children when the time comes you're no longer capable of working. Keep your Pag-IBIG I (P1) membership active and invest regularly in Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) to make your money work for you.

Deposit at least Php 100 per month to your P1 fund and at least Php 500 every month to your MP2 fund. Leave your money there and let it grow for many years to reap the benefits of compounding and beat inflation. Your future self will thank you.

Aside from your SSS contribution, what are your asset allocation strategies to achieve financial independence?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored post and this site is not affiliated with Pag-IBIG. Kindly send all your inquiries directly to Pag-IBIG.


  1. What are the payment methods for this MP2? I havle already registered online but it doesn't provide any instructions on how and where to pay.

    I prefer to pay it voluntarily rather than salary deduction. Thanks!

  2. Hi Don,
    I pay mine directly at the local branch of Pag-IBIG. I haven't tried other methods.
    Pag-IBIG wrote a guide about their other payment methods here:

  3. How much is the dividend rate for Modified Pag-IBIG 2 in 2016?

  4. 4.95% as per email reply from MP2.

  5. Thanks for this. Ngayon ko lang na-appreciate yung mga deductions sakin. :))

  6. good day po,
    tanong ko lang po kaka register ko lang ng MP2 nung May16,2017 pwede ko na po ba bayaran kahit kakabayad ko lang ng MP1 ko ngayon May 18, OFW po ako every 6mons po kz bayad ko at pwede po ba magbayad ng advance halimbawa po 1year or 2 years ahead para po hindi sumabay sa ibang binabayaran ko tulad ng sss flexi at MP1 ko?

    maraming salamat po mabuhay!

  7. can i put my investment once and for all, not monthly, and just wait for that to mature?

  8. Hi,
    We are planning to increase our Pag Ibig Fund I contribution to avail the tax free provision stated in
    "Section 12. Pag-IBIG Contributions are Excluded from the Computation of the Gross Income. Pursuant to Section 32 (B) (7) (f) of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended, Pag-IBIG Contributions are excluded from the computation of the gross income and shall be exempt from taxation."

    However, our employer told us that only the P100.00 monthly contribution is tax free. Is this correct?

  9. emelyn CRUZ ORTEGAJune 2, 2017 at 2:28 AM

    i just want to inquire if the monthly contribution here can vary as long as the minimum is P500 monthly. likewise, what happens to the contributions of the member if that member suddenly stops working? will he/she not be eligible anymore for dividend or would he/she have to contribute voluntarily just to reach the 5 year period? i appreciate your immediate reply to my email address also. thanks.

  10. Yes, you can pay anytime. 2 times, 3 times, how many times per month, it's up to you. There is no limit. They compound the interest every year so it doesn't matter what day of year you choose to contribute. If you have other things in mind that you want to spend your money on, and if you can get it back just before the year ends, then it's preferable that you contribute later rather than earlier. If you choose to contribute earlier, the only advantage is that you can't touch it and it is safe there. Other than that, it's just sitting there for the rest of the year until it earns interest at the end of the year.

  11. They have an option of one-time contribution of P100,000. I'm not really sure if you are allowed to contribute more if you did that.

  12. Yes, your employer is correct. Pag-ibig contribution is just P200 per month. You pay half of it and your employer pays the other half. So, if your monthly salary is 15,000, only the 14,800 is taxable. And you can't pay Pag-ibig any more than that.

    If you are asking about your MP2 contribution, that is technically not a contribution but an investment.

    If you really want to reduce your tax, you can have children. Each child will reduce tax by 4%, but you are only allowed a maximum of 4 children or a maximum of 16% tax reduction.

    Or, if you really hate paying taxes, you can work abroad.

  13. Good day! Is there another way to pay monthly contributions aside from going to any branch of Pagibig? It just happened that many of us are busy working so we don't have spare day to go to the nearest branch monthly. Thank you in advance.

  14. May risk po ba ang mp2 ng pag ibig..pwede din po ba ang mag top up dyan?sa loob ba ng 5-10 taon, di mawawlang parang bula ang pinaghirapan ko?

  15. good evening, kung mag start po mag invest sa MP2 Fund
    for example july 2017 start... 2,000.00
    next month 500.00 (for aug 2017)
    next 1,500.00 (for sept)

    pwede po ba yun?
    thank you.

  16. Pwede anytime, anyday, any month etc. basta minimum ay 500 pesos kahit ngayon ka maglagay tapos next year na uli or huwag kang maglagay pwede po. Wala yang hinihinging dapat every month maglagay ka.

  17. Government ito, tax free pa at walang bangkong magbibigay ng ganyang kataas na interest. Safe na safe basta hindi masasakop ng ibang bansa ang Pinas or magkaroon ng digmaan sa pagitan ng dalawang bansa or kudeta etc., hangat may Pilipinas na malaya walang risk.

  18. May isa pang option through your company kung empleyado ka ng private company kausapin mo HR nyo on how to do payment for your MP2, para automatic ma deduct sa sahod mo to MP2 aside from MP1.

  19. Pwede anytime, anyday, any month etc. basta minimum ay 500 pesos kahit ngayon ka maglagay tapos next year na uli or huwag kang maglagay na, pwede po. Wala yang hinihinging dapat every month maglagay ka.

  20. Hello po pwede po ba yan sa mga walang trabaho? You time deposit?

  21. What if I die. What will happen to my investment? Is it free of estate tax

  22. Hi po,
    Ask lang po if ever po na thru employer po ako nagpakaltas for MP2, panu ko po kaya mawiwithdraw yung investment ko after 5 yrs? Any Pag-ibig branch po ba pwd?

    Thank you and Good day

  23. Ask ko lang po, employee po kasi ako, kaylangan pa po ba ipaalam sa HR ko na mag iinvest ako sa MP2?

  24. Hi. Is it possible to combine my contribution and my husband's contribution? For example, we would like to save 10k monthly, but we will split it in two (we will pay 5k each monthly)? Thanks!

  25. I am a 54 year old retiree. Can l still avail of the MP2 program? Do i still have to pay my P1 if i am jobless but want to avail of the MP2? What will happen to the P1 i paid when i was still working now that i am retired?

  26. Hi. Tanung ko lang, pwede ba mag vary ang dividend rate or interest rate every year? if yes, ano ang basis sa pagbabago ng rate? Thanks.

  27. hi,i enrolled at mp1 after enrolling i did not put money on mp1 and i'am ofw as well and not enrolled on ofw program..what can i do if i want to enroll on mp2?

  28. You mentioned that they compound the interest every year. You mean if I consistently contributed 2000 a month since January, the dividend rate would be based on the 24,000 as of December? and that there's no advantage whatsoever of contributing early? So basically, if I choose to contribute just once a year, it is better for me to contribute around the first week of December? Thanks in advance for the reply.

  29. Hi Ma'am, could you give us an update to where and how we can monitor MP2 thru online services? I am a new member of MP2, I already deposited an amount which is good for 1year, and I want to monitor it online. Could you help me with this po? Please share your thoughts. Thank you! -Kris

  30. i have just enrolled in MP2 last year for 500 pesos per month. Now i am thinking of increasing it to 2000 per month. Can i enroll MP2 again or should i wait for my first MP2 to mature?

    Thank you.

  31. Hello Robert, no need to enroll again or wait for your MP2 to mature. You can immediately increase it to Php 2,000.00 per month.

  32. Gud day po!.ask ko po gusto ng asawa ko mag avail ng mp2 ofw cya one time remetance sana kaya lng last payment Nya last 2015 p ..pede b mag payment cya para maging active..thanks po

  33. Ma'am, madali lang sumali sa MP2, pero baka pahirapan naman ang pag claim after years.
    Ano ano mga requirements sa pag claim kapag:
    1. nag mature na at buhay pa ang payor
    2. namatay ang payor sa kalagitnaan ng savings period of 5 years (hindi pa umabot sa maturity of 5 years)


  35. hi kris, ala pa silang online to monitor it, instead you can request for a print out to check your contri plus dividends to date.

  36. Paano po pala pag hindi na complete ang 5 year na deposit sa MP2? lets say, nakapag deposit ka for year 2013, 2014 & 2015. then 2016 and 2017 hindi kana nakapag deposit. Makukuha mo parin ba buo ang savings mo after maturity with interest? salamat

  37. hello im john ofw din ako how much hinuhulog mo kasi mag start na ako dito maganda sya unlike bank

  38. Oo, wala daw problema yan based sa mga articles na nabasa ko

  39. Oscar A. MaravillasOctober 14, 2017 at 1:38 PM

    Tanong lng po pano kung sa start eh nag umpisa kmi sa 1000 pesos monthly after second year tinaasan namin halimbawa 2000 pesos pano po ang computation nun ?

  40. How will pag ibig monitor the MP2 payments? Is it only through the receipts? Dont the members have any paperwork from pagibig re the Mp2 contributions?

  41. I am already paying Pag-ibig II for 2 years (since August 2015) in a quarterly basis. As of today, I am supposed to pay at the Crosstown Mall Laguna, however, according to one of the staffs, I still need to fill-in the MP2 form. Besides she is saying that I am already paying a Pag-ibig 1 so why need to pay for MP2. Are all the staffs of Pag-ibig aware of the investment policy? I prioritize to queue in a line just to pay my MP2 and then it is disregarded. So I need to go to other branch just to pay again.

  42. bakit po bumaba yata? sa sample April 2015 =6%.

  43. Mas mataas po ba ma-eearn na interest pag isang bagsakan sa umpisa. halimbawa: 30,000 sa 1st installment tapos wala nang follow-up installments. Compared sa 500 na hulugan per month for 5 years?

  44. Based from my computation interest will compounded annually.

  45. Can i open/enroll 5 MP2 in different years in one name?

  46. how much po un pinakmababa sa one time remittance?thank u po

  47. Good Day! meron po ba dito na nasa dubai ngayon at naghuhulog na sa MP2?.. just want to know kung saan madaling makapaghulog.. thanks in advance..

  48. ilan beses po pwede mag renew ng MP2?

  49. Jonathan Fabria AvanceñaFebruary 2, 2018 at 3:27 PM

    When is the right time I could widraw my TAV aside from the 3comditions stayed.?i thought I could widraw it after 5years maturity including the dividend...? I am very much interested to avail the MP2 program.. please answer my query thanks. I am an OFW ...

  50. i am a school employee for 10 years, unfortunate by april 2018 kasama ako sa na redundancy, gusto kong i continue ang paghuhulog sa P1 contribution. pwede ba akong mag enroll sa MP2 kahit wala na akong work? thank you for the reply.

  51. Nagstart ung savings ko dito s MP2 since 2012 or 2013 i think then my company deposit every month 500/per month pero ngresign ako 2016 after nun ndi nq nakapg hulog kc asa abroad na ako. i want to check my contribution last uwi ko kc 2017 ngcheck ako but i forgot to ask about my MP2 .PLEASE let me know what should i do to check my contribution on it. Thank you so much.

  52. The tax deduction if you have children does not apply anymore after the TRAIN Law. Sayang.

  53. good day san pa po puede mghulog ng 2 contribution, aside from pagibig branch, pude ba sa any bayad center?

  54. good day puede po b ill contribute initially in cash then my succeding e post dated checks? thanks

  55. gd day ask ko po puede sa mga bayad center mg hulog ng mp2 initially sa pagibig branch then bayd ctr? puede rin ba mga post dated check 4 example bigay ko na 12 months of the year check example 20 thou per month. para ala hussle sa pgpunta sa sa pagibig branch evrytime? thanks po sa reply in advance.

  56. This article is very helpful!
    I read it first before I enrolled to the MP2 program online.
    Thank you!

  57. Rivaldo, depende po kasi ang % ng interest sa performance ng housing market and ng government.

  58. Bayad centers and Gcash are now available for alternative way of paying our MP2.

  59. hi! how can we check our monthly contribution in mp2

  60. Maria Luz L. CamineroJune 22, 2018 at 8:08 AM

    In the past , how much is the dividend issued by the Fund?

  61. Gdpm.would like to ask if retirees included this mp2 plan. Am a retiree for one like to avail it in case I am still qualified mp2.tnx

  62. Hi, it seems that retirees cannot join already, is this correct? Am asking because I am 60 years old and have retired from work a few months ago already.

  63. Hello po, ang mp2 ba kung nagenroll ako at nagmomonthly na. Sa sunod na taon mag enroll uli ng panibago , kailan po mag mamature yung una at pangalawa kong hinulod sa mp2. Sa ikalima at ika anim na taon po ba?

  64. Hi! Thank you for this! I also wanted to invest on this but I have some questions, do we have an option to pay it quarterly? I'm trying to budget my money and that's one of the payment scheme fit on my schedule, hope you can entertain my question. Thank you!

  65. Kristine MauricioJuly 19, 2018 at 7:49 AM

    Hello po. I read your article regarding sa MP2, just this month I enrolled thru online on MP2 program and I got my MP2 number, can I start paying contribution without visiting any Pagibig office branch?

  66. ofw po kami ,,meron npo kmi mp2 last dec 2017..
    ask ko lng po kung meron po b site or kung pano po b namin machechek or upate ang mp2 account namin since wla po binigay like bankbook maliban lang po s official receipt..

  67. Good Day!
    Ask po ako in matter sa penalties.
    Every 20 - 24 po kasi ang deadline ng contribution then na nakaligtaan ko pong magbayad, the day after ko na siya na remember due to hectic schedule na rin. Meron bang penalty if ever magbabayad ako sa 26 day of the month or any other day not after mag end ang month?? Period covered po niya ay July. Please reply po. Thank you.

  68. So there is separate for Ofw you need to be a member of pag-ibig ? If not what are the requirements ? Thanks need clrarification for this matter

  69. Hi! I'm planning to start investing in MP2. But I don't have MDF number. I tried many times to register online but at the end they ask me to come to the nearest pagibig branch office to proceed the issuance of PAG IBIG MID NUMBER. Is there any way how will I get Mid number without personal appearances? Can I send someone in behalf of me instead?

  70. 1. I will be retiring on February 2019, can I still register with PagIbig MP2?
    2. Is it okay if I put in a lump sum of 30k or 50k instead of contributing 500/month?

  71. whst will happen if for example i saved 50kand then after some time i decided to resign with my company.will there any be effect with my savings and interest?i have read ththat only active members can apply for this.thanks

  72. Good day po!

    Panu po ang Pag hulog nyan if ever may Pag ibig I at mayron din Pag ibig II. Kasi Dun lang ako nag babayad sa online payment facility. okay lang po ba yun na 200 for Pag ibig I and 500 for MP2 . 700 Monthly?..

  73. gosto ko lang po malaman, pano po xa kinocompute? d ko kasi makuha ung mga example.

  74. Darryl Martinez AyadoDecember 17, 2018 at 4:44 AM

    Can I still continue savings in MP2 after I retired?

  75. do you allow one time contribution? if so how much is the ceilling?

  76. Bkit un MP2 ko ayaw tanggapin un hulog ko ng Nov at Dec last Sunday ng BDO, sabi hindi n raw puede hulugan, so advance n lang ako ng Jan at Feb 2019, paki sagot po kung puede p hulugan un Nov, Dec 2018 ko. Thank you po

  77. can i get all my capital shares upon maturity?

  78. Darryl Martinez AyadoFebruary 1, 2019 at 6:40 AM

    I am to retire by Jan. 1, 2020. I am interested to continue my P1 and MP2 contributions and/or savings once retired. Can I still have them continued?

  79. Sheri Mae Egaloy FrondaMarch 10, 2019 at 12:04 PM

    How much the rate now in 2019?for mp2?


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